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  • This software works with ease and flexibility. . .
  • This program is intended to suit, standalone Importers or jointly with their Issuing banks. The keyed-in information automatically feeds into Bank’s customized requirements, which could be faxed over and/or be copied and pasted into any tradekey system.  The same specifics, are automatically integrated into all programs, eliminating handwriting and manual calculation.

  • It includes guidelines, procedures and hovered comments.

  • It quickly navigates between programs. No programming knowledge is required, it is fast and user-friendly, handles all daily transactions, provides reports and control, at a click of a mouse button.

  • Includes: Issuance - Amendments - Acceptances - Release of merchandise - Bank prints - Daily Posting - Merchandise control. 

  • Controls: Bills of lading / Bond of indemnities - Discrepancy documents - Pending payments - Fee calculation - Document refusal.

  • Control reports: Controls all your files - Bank Balance - Expiry - Contingency and Liability - Client summary - Statistic - Payments - 

  • FX conversion - Multi-searching options - Payment forewarning and more......